The “inclusive” digital loyalty system for all businesses everywhere.




Keep YOUR customers’ coming back, and gain new ones along the way.

  • Created & controlled by you
  • No middlemen
  • No contract tie-in’s
  • No hassle


First 500 merchants get free subscription for life


Research shows that one loyalty card member is better than two non-members, and they spend up to 2x more per visit.

A hassle and contract free service from Zupit
So the question is… Why not?

What’s in it for

  • Directs new customers.
  • Interactive and promotes your business.
  • Increase loyalty and repeat business.
    (Loyalty and rewards card users tend to spend 20% more)
  • Customizable to your needs & wants.
  • Self service (no middle men)
  • Quick & simple to use – saves money on paper cards
  • Intelligent – puts you in control.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • It’s ONLY £5.99/month – no tie in contract! – “first 500 merchants are free subscription for life too”

All it takes is 3 mins to set up and you are ready to go

  • You need a iOS or Android device, always available
  • Mobile data or Wifi
  • Download the Merchant app
  • Set up your card
  • Train your staff
  • Done – simple – enjoy.

Merchant Pack

What’s included in your pack?

  • Display stand & A6 flyers
  • Zupit window sticker
  • Zupit till sticker

Click here to download training guides
for your staff & admin users

Tips for creating your
Loyalty Card

To download a stampz tips creation guide

What Are The Benefits For Your Customers?

You want your customer’s coming back again and again right?
Well why not offer them treats!

Our Mission is to put the feel good into incentives and loyalty cards. By making them “just work” effortlessly – everywhere – for everyone.

If they feel good & are easy to use, people will use them. And let’s face it, that’s what you want!

It’s easy, effortless and works everywhere your customers see our logo.

They will never be without YOUR loyalty card again!

Over 65% of customers prefer mobile loyalty systems too, so what you waiting for?


Zupit Merchant app

Understanding your

We expect things to be smart & intelligent. We created reports, so that real time tracking and data management about your cards is at your finger tips

Data Reports:

  • Always know – real time updating of usage
  • Accountability – eliminating fraud
  • Keeps you in control

Learn more about reports