Can I close my account?

We hope you wouldn’t want to! But if you do, we understand, no problem, just drop us an email to, with the title, “please close my account”. Please quote your email address associated with your Zupit account, your user name, post code & year of birth. We aim to respond within 48hrs.

How do you keep my data secure?

Your data and its privacy and security is very important to us. So we use the same industry standard security that you would expect from other online platforms such as Amazon, Netflix and a like. And we always aim to improve!

How do I change the handiness of my interface?

Tap settings and then tap – Done.

Does movies cover ALL UK cinemas?

Yep, it sure does!

Are you the seller or reseller of cinema tickets?

Nope, you buy direct from the provider, we ain’t no middle man.! We just make it easy for you to get to that point simply & as fast as possible!

Why does Pass-It-On not use my phone contacts list?

We ain’t nosey and we don’t want to access your data. But we do have improvements coming in the future to makes this really super slick, without having to ask for YOUR data! In the mean time try it out and put a smile on someone’s face.

How does Pass-It-On work?

Toggle goes here, click edit button to change this text.

Where can I use Stampz?

We are starting in Southport and then spreading everywhere. So, anywhere you see the Zupit Logo use Stampz – also browse & search for merchants near you in app.

Want to drop us a message? Contact us at:

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