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The Zupit Story?

What is Zupit?

The app that brings loyalty cards and movies together –made effortless by putting the experience of YOU – the user – 1st.

Even though incentives are there to make people feel good, invariably they leave people frustrated. A hassle for all.

Our Mission is to put the feel good into incentives and loyalty cards. You want them to “just work” right?

So we have made the experience effortless and hassle free, every time.

When things “just work”, we love them and we use them, every day.

When things don’t “just work’, it’s annoying. And when something better comes along, we walk away.

The genesis of Zupit, as put by our founder Ash, is one of needs must.

“In a nutshell, after fighting to save the life of my terminally ill son Rohan, then having failed – I was broken. I had spent everything I had trying to solve the problem, whilst trying to make the most of what little time was left for Rohan, I also spent everything anyone would kindly lend me, to survive and not negatively impact my family further.

So, what did I need? Incentives, deals, discounts, money off. To keep my head above water during the lowest point in my life. For the essentials, and for the occasional niceties to keep my wife and kids ok.

Collecting McDonalds’ coffee cup stickers, my own and those discarded by others. A hot chocolate for the kids or a takeaway cuppa for me while figuring a way forward.

Tesco club card vouchers for a treat visit to Pizza Express.

Orange Wednesdays at the cinema. Anyone got a code they can send me please? A favourite pastime for me, my little boy and now just me & my girls. Obviously, we snuck in our own sweets.

On my knees broke, those films lifted us.

And let’s not forget a wallet bursting with loyalty stamp cards. Even I struggled to stick with those!

To make things worse – these incentives are a pain in the ass to use! They make you jump through hoops, which just makes you feel bad, especially at the point of redemption.

That’s just my perspective as a user. What about merchants?”

If you’re an independent business or SME, the loyalty and discounting systems/services are not designed for you. They’re “exclusive”, expensive. You don’t have control. And they’re not good enough for your punters either. And you should always put them first.

Even multinationals struggle. Process, process. Slowness, slowness. Getting an incentive to customers can take over 3 months from a decision point.!

So, even though incentives are there to make people feel good, invariably they leave people frustrated. A hassle for all.

Our Mission is to put the feel good into incentives and loyalty cards. We make them just work. Solve a global issue at a local level, then scale it everywhere. Effortless experience, every time. By putting the customer perspective & experience 1st!

Let’s talk about experience.

So, we love movies. Well, let’s make planning that movie visit seamless.

We disliked movie apps. 15 million people a month visit the cinema in the UK, but hardly anyone uses these apps, poor design & not great to use. So, you go to YouTube and Google to see the trailers, what’s coming, what’s on and where.

Ash wanted to make that process one tap.

Why? Because we wanted that service & we wanted, to prove a point with Zupit. Proof that we can make a useful app super slick. And we all like movies, yeah?

Then people can see how we have made using loyalty cards and processing incentives effortless too. Just like it should be!

All incentives. All loyalty cards. Anywhere. One tap, One way – Done.

We’re small, but we’re talented. Leaders and innovators who have delivered world class, high-tech products, from much-loved brands, Jaguar Land Rover, Dyson & Odeon, just to name a few – but our people also have the experience of establishing, owning and running small local businesses too.

Our founder, Ash, has enjoyed a career creating and delivering innovation for the big boys, all over the globe, but he’s been a small business owner too. Hard graft, mistakes made, lessons learned. So, he knows what it’s like from both sides of the till.

We believe the incentive market should be open to all. An inclusive rather than “exclusive” club. Super slick and simple to manage; effortless and intelligent.

Most importantly – it should put the customer and their experience 1st, NO EXCUSES!

That means you have to solve the merchant problems too, then the customer needs can be met.

What used to mean middle men, upfront costs and irreversible decisions is now completely in the merchant’s control.

Big or small, the same ability to distribute, accept and manage incentives and loyalty cards. No contracts, no tie-ins, no monthly fees. A simple 1 way for customers that works.

And all those pestering “offer” emails you wake up to every day, we’ve got a plan to rid you of them too and having something much better and in your control as a customer, all coming soon.

Zupit was created and imagined then brought to life at the kitchen table.

Our founder is from Southport. So are most of the team. We wanted to launch Zupit in the town that raised us. We want Southportians (Sandgrounders to the locals) and its businesses to be the lead disruptors, getting the first taste.

We are starting with launching Zupit Stampz & Movie services – and then there is so much more to come. We love innovating, we can’t stop, and we have built so much – Ash won’t stop!

But let’s get the basics right, let’s win your confidence and approval, then we are sure you will love what else we have to come down the road.

Let’s lead. Let’s together show what better looks like.

Let’s Zupit.